50th Anniversary

Tunxis Community College is celebrating 50 years of education in its communities this year, and the 20th Anniversary of our satellite facility [email protected]

A series of special events and celebrations are planned at Tunxis throughout 2020 to commemorate these milestones, thank our communities and honor the accomplishments of faculty, students and alumni. Please check back often under events as we continue to update our list of celebrations.

Tunxis was chartered effective October 1, 1969, the result of Public Act No. 812 of the 1969 State legislature. On April 7, 1970, Benjamin G. Davis was appointed the first president of the college. The official opening and college convocation took place on September 28, 1970. Tunxis first opened for classes in October 1970 with 494 students while building renovations and construction continued. Today approximately 6,000 students enroll in more than 70 credit and continuing education programs each semester as they prepare for transfer to bachelor’s degree programs and employment in areas with industry need.

Through the decades, the college has expanded several times to accommodate its growing student population and community needs, with current campus square footage of approximately 292,000, and additional square footage of 10,903 adjacent to campus and in Bristol. [email protected], located at 430 North Main Street in Bristol, first opened its doors in 2000 as a result of collaboration among the college, city of Bristol, Bristol Chamber of Commerce, and businesses which enabled Tunxis to expand educational and training opportunities and serve the community in new ways.

Since the first graduation in 1972, more than 14,083 credit graduates have been awarded 17,335 degrees and certificates from Tunxis Community College.