Tunxis Community College is becoming CT State Tunxis on July 1, 2023.
The CT State admissions application is now open for Fall 2023 Enrollment.

Select an application below based on when you’d like to enroll.

All continuing, degree-seeking students will become CT State students as of July 1, 2023.

A Special Note to Non-Degree and Undecided Applicants

A Non-Degree Application is designed for anyone interested in enrolling in individual courses but not interested in pursuing a degree or certificate program. Non-degree students are not eligible for Financial Aid and cannot enroll full time (12 credits or more). If you are applying as an undecided student who wants to be eligible for Financial Aid and enroll full time, please select General Studies or Liberal Arts and Sciences on your application.

Apply to Tunxis

Students will receive an acceptance email after completing item 2 below.


New and transfer students interested in enrolling at Tunxis Community College must complete and submit an application. Students who have attended another Connecticut Community College must also submit an application and related documents to Tunxis Community College.

 How To Fill Out The Application – YouTube Video

Tunxis does not charge an application fee.

Items A and B must be completed before admission to the college.

A. Submit proof of high school completion by uploading a photo or copy of your high school diploma through the application portal.  Other acceptable forms of documenting high school completion are an official transcript sent electronically to Tunxis CC or mailed directly to Tunxis CC in a sealed envelope.  Those who completed a General Education Diploma, or GED may upload a photo of their GED or have official GED scores sent directly to Tunxis in a sealed envelope

B. Complete a copy of the Immunization Form (PDF) and upload it. The form must be signed and completed by your medical provider, or you must provide other documentation of immunization. Connecticut state law requires specific immunizations from all students attending college. In addition, the form details exemptions to this policy.

Step-By-Step Guide To Uploading Supplemental Items – YouTube Video

Math and English course placements are determined through different measures including: high school GPA and grades, SAT scores, and college transcripts.  In addition, for Mathematics placement, you will be receiving an email to your Tunxis email from Stemify. You will be asked to create a free account within 14 days and to take a diagnostic exam. Your placement will be used in your advising process to select your starting course levels.

While it is optional, students are encouraged to apply for financial aid. To be eligible for financial aid you must enroll, either full-time or part-time, in a degree program or approved certificate. If you are interested in applying for financial aid, you should complete the online Free Application for Tunxis Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available at www.fafsa.ed.govThe school code for Tunxis Community College is 009764. Visit the Financial Aid web page for additional information.

Meet (virtually) with a New Student Registration (NSR) advisor and register for your classes. Please email [email protected] to request an advising appointment.

Summer and Winter Registration

Students who attend other colleges may enroll in courses at Tunxis and transfer the credits earned during the winter or summer to their bachelor’s or associate degree programs. Those who plan to transfer credits should have the Tunxis courses approved by their home institution before they register to assure transfer of credits.

Summer registrations will be processed beginning on April 1, winter registrations on November 1, however you are welcome to mail or email your registration prior to this date.
After you complete the course and final grades are entered, you can log into your Tunxis student portal to request to have your official transcript sent.  Tunxis now uses etranscripts.

Email:  [email protected]
Fax:  860.606.9501
*Do not fax or email any personally identifiable information like Social Security Number.

Mailing Address:
Tunxis Community College – Admissions
271 Scott Swamp Rd.
Farmington, CT  06032

For more information, contact the Admissions Office at 860.773.1490 or via email [email protected].

National Council fro State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements - Approved Institution
SARA ensures reciprocity between Tunxis and students who may be physically located outside of Connecticut.