Placement Options

All incoming students should complete and submit the form below.  Students may submit recent SAT, ACT, or GED and/or high school GPA and highest level math course grade for course placement.  For Mathematics placement, you will be receiving an email to your Tunxis email from Stemify.  This email will contain a temporary password for your free account. 

Instructions to log into student email and MyCommNet (YouTube)

What is Stemify?

Stemify is an optional mathematics evaluation tool that helps determine the “best fit” mathematics course when you begin at Tunxis.  If you have been away from math for a while, we recommend that you take Stemify.

What is the English Writing Sample?

The optional English Writing Sample provides supplemental information to potentially increase your English placement level.  An experienced Tunxis English faculty member will score your work.

What is the ESL Writing Sample?

ESL placement is determined by an ESL Writing sample, which you can complete from home by email.  To request the ESL Writing Sample, please email:   [email protected]

Placement and Advising Form

Student Information *

Student Information

Your student ID number is eight digits and can be found in your acceptance email.
For security verification, please enter any random two digit number. For example: 48

Course Placement *

Course Placement

(Note: Fall semesters begin in August, Winter in December, Spring in January, and Summer in May. Fall and Spring are 15-week semesters while Winter and Summer are shorter.)
Please attach unofficial college transcripts or AP score reports to this form below.
+ Help me decide
Choose STEM for the following majors:
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
  • Computer Science
  • Education or Teaching (Math, Science, Technology majors)
Choose Non-STEM for the follwing majors:
  • Education or Teaching (All other majors)
  • Humanities or Creative Arts (Art, History, Philosophy, Languages, Communication)
  • Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, or Public Service (Sociology, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Human Services)
  • Business or Hospitality (Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Economics)
  • Health Careers (Dental, Nursing, Physical Therapy)
  • Manufacturing, Industry, or Technical Careers

High School GPA and Grades

Maximum GPA possible, usually 4.0.

SAT Scores

In order for these scores to be considered for placement, an unofficial score report must be attached to this form.
Enter 0 if you have no score to report.
Enter 0 if you have no score to report.
Enter 0 if you have no score to report.

English Placement Documentation

Math Placement Documentation

Attach Documentation (Required for test scores and transcripts)

Multiple files are allowed (use Ctrl key to select multiple files)

Preplanned Scheduling *

Preplanned Scheduling

THIS OPTION IS NOT AVAILABLE AGAIN UNTIL SPRING 2022. If you would like a preplanned schedule, an academic advisor can build your course schedule and then send it to your student email for your review. If you wish to opt-in to this option, please select Yes below and complete the Advising Information section. An academic advisor will build a schedule for your consideration and acceptance. You will need to email back your acceptance within two business days in order for your registration to be finalized. If you would like to meet with an advisor (either in-person or remotely) to plan a course schedule, select No below.

Advising Information

In order for an advisor to build your schedule without meeting with you first, we need the following information.
Enter your degree or certificate program (e.g. Business Administration or General Studies).
A full-time schedule is 12 or more credits. Classes are typically 3 credits each, so 4 classes is full-time. If you are unsure, you should meet with an advisor instead of requesting a preplanned schedule.
Most courses for Spring 2021 will be fully online in either LRON or ONLN format. Some courses, such as science courses with labs, may require meeting on-campus. Please indicate which course formats you are willing to take.
+ Course Format Descriptions
  • LRON - Live/Remote Online courses are fully online, but students will be required to sign in remotely and interact with their professor and/or classmates on the days and times noted in the myCommNet schedule. Students will participate in live online sessions through Blackboard Collaborate, Microsoft Teams, or WebEx, with specific information provided by individual faculty members.
  • ONLN - Online courses in which students are not expected to sign on at specific times, but assignments and exams have specific due dates.
  • HYBR - Hybrid courses may be held both on-campus and online (a combination of LRON, ONLN, and TRAD). Individual faculty will determine how often the class will meet on campus and will communicate the on campus meeting schedule through Blackboard at the start of the class.
  • TRAD - Traditional classroom courses are held on campus at specific times. There will be only limited offerings of courses in this format, such as for health or manufacturing.


Please let us know when you are unavailable for class meetings and which days and times are preferable to you.
    • ONLN courses do not have set meeting times, but other formats do meet at scheduled times.
    • Courses that meet twice a week typically meet on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.
    • There are some one day per week courses also on Monday-Saturday.
    • On Monday-Thursday, courses begin as early as 8:00AM and end as late as 9:20PM, while Friday and Saturday courses are typically in the morning.
    • Enter as much detail as possible to help your advisor build your schedule.
(e.g. “Monday/Wednesday evenings” or “any afternoon between 1:00 and 5:00”)


For each group below, please enter your first, second, and third choices of course electives. Depending on your program and your placements you may or may not be taking any electives this semester.

Social Sciences

These electives may be selected from the following subject areas:


These electives may be selected from the following subject areas:

For questions or concerns about placement

Contact Garth Pelton at 860.773.1525 or [email protected].

For accessibility or accommodation arrangements for Placement Testing for a student with a disability

Contact Student Accessibility Services at [email protected].

For more information, contact Admissions at 860.773.1490 or [email protected].