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Tunxis Participates in National Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Conference

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Connecticut College of Technology students from Tunxis Community College were among CT Community College students, faculty and alumni who received awards and presented at sessions focused on advanced technological education during the American Association of Community Colleges and National Science Foundation’s (NSF) joint National Advanced Techological Education (ATE) Principal InvestigatorsConference 2018, held Oct. 23-25 in Washington, D.C.

Tunxis professor Dr. Karen Wosczyna-Birch, director of the College of Technology and executive director of the Regional Center forNext Generation Manufacturing, presented at two workshops on creating a cutting-edge advanced manufacturing workforce and attracting industry and investment partners, and on managing NSF ATE grants.

During the conference, Tunxis Community College recent graduates were among six Connecticut Community College students in the College of Technology who received the “Advanced Technological Education Student Award for Excellence” awarded through a competitive application process, at an invitation-only breakfast. Tunxis graduates are listed alphabetically with their towns of residence:

• Jessie Gutaukas (Bristol)

• Dhrumil Shah (Newington)

The award recipients also presented their research projects at the ATE Student Poster Session. Tunxis graduates Gutaukas and Shah were part of a team that developed a prosthetic arm, which aims to use innovative technologies to create an affordable and modular prosthetic arm to improve quality of life for families in need. 

Tunxis alumna Hilda Arguelles, a senior structures discipline manager at Pratt & Whitney, was chosen to participate in a panel “Celebrating 25 Years of Preparing Students to Join America’s Skilled Technical Workforce,”in which she discussed her pathway through Tunxis and Central Connecticut StateUniversity, and her experience being mentored by Wosczyna-Birch. She also received a recognition award from the NSF as an accomplished ATE alumna. Arguelles works in Global Services Engineering, where she lends her technical expertise and leadership in support of P&W’s aftermarket customers. She has over 17years of experience developing, evaluating and implementing repairs for commercial and military engines.

Faculty from the CT College of Technology and
Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing also shared recent
initiatives, impacts and best practices with conference attendees. COT’s Wendy
Robicheau and John Birch, with other CT College of Technology instructors,
presented “Building A Mechatronics-Friendly Community from K-to-Gray” at a
Synergy Meeting with national colleagues on best practices for establishing
mechatronics programs at community colleges.

The Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing (RCNGM) is one of seven National Science Foundation (NSF) Advanced Technological Education Centers in the United States. It is led by the College of Technology at Tunxis CommunityCollege, a consortium of all 12 CT Community Colleges and eight public and private universities that was formed through CT legislation in 1995 to establish seamless transfer pathways in engineering and technology. For more information on the College of Technology, contact Karen Wosczyna-Birch at860.723.0608, or [email protected].

Tunxis Community College offers more than 70 associate degrees and certificates, including 12 associate degrees with manufacturing, science, engineering and technology emphases. Tunxis is also a recipient of a $2.8 million NationalScience Foundation grant that established the College of Technology’s RegionalCenter for Next Generation Manufacturing, an NSF Center of Excellence, and one of seven National Science Foundation (NSF) Advanced Technological EducationCenters in the United States. For more information on programs at Tunxis, call860.773.1490, or visit tunxis.edu.

An Important Message Regarding TCC Campus Security Upgrades

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An Important Message Regarding Tunxis Security Upgrades


From Dr. James Lombella, President of Tunxis—


A few years ago, the Board of Regents hired a security firm to do a risk assessment of the 12 Connecticut Community Colleges and recommend security improvements. With these recommendations in conjunction with other feedback received from students and staff over the past year, Tunxis has initiated a number of changes this fall to increase security on campus utilizing bond funding that was approved for campus security and safety projects.

As you may have noticed, security desks are now located in the lobbies of the 100 and 700 Buildings to check identification and help visitors sign in. All students and staff/faculty must wear ID badges on campus. If you do not have an ID badge yet, please visit the Computer Center.

The 200 Building back door to the parking lot is now locked from the outside so that it is exit-only. Soon, the secondary, “fishbowl” entrance to the 100 Building by the Registrar’s Office, and the faculty office doors on the end of the 100 Building that lead to the courtyard will also both be exit-only. We may make this entrance key card accessible for employees. Shades and blind installation is 90 percent complete in offices and other meeting and classroom spaces on campus.

An iron picket fence similar in style to those in place at many colleges and universities across the country, will be installed to secure our courtyard and enhance security. The courtyard area between the 700 Building and 100 Building faculty offices will have a swing gate for exiting the courtyard. A similar swing gate exit will be located between the 600 Building East entrance wing and back of the 200 Building, and between the 600 Building and 700 Building breezeway adjacent to Route 6.

These security updates were paid for with Board of Regents state of Connecticut bond funds. Security continues to be an important topic on all college campuses, including Tunxis, and we hope these measures will make our campus more secure for our students and greater college community.

If you have questions about the security updates, please contact Charles Cleary, Tunxis Dean of Administration, at 860.773.1302, [email protected].


James P. Lombella, Ed.D.

President, Tunxis and Asnuntuck Community Colleges

Faculty Room Signs Data Post

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Abbot Jesse 45 <
Annecharico Erin 10 >
Beckford Kerry 35 >
Blaszczynski Andre 46 <
Bradford Deborah 34 >
Carbone Candace 54 <
Celona Lisa 33 >
Cenet Jean-Marc 29 >
Cianci Harriet 27 >
Clark Robert 32 >
Clucas Marie 24 >
Coan Francis 12 <
Cook, Edward 17<
Decker Jacqueline 21 >
DeNegre Peter 22 >
Edwards Richard 2 >
Ersinghaus Stephen 19 <
Fierro Rafaele 52 <
Garside Carianne 28 >
Gentry Susan 31 >
Green Rachel 6 >
Hadley Robert 37 >
Hamilton Patrice 18 <
Hanson Alva 7 >
Jacobs Gary 25 >
Johnson Patricia 13 <
Klema Stephen 23 >
Knowles Robin 3 >
Kriscenski John 48 <
Lardie David 50 <
Laskowski Lynn 41 <
Lounsbury Susan 26 >
Machado Tatiana 51 <
Mann Kelly 56 <
Marchand Renald 36 >
Milewski Mark 17 <
Milward Hendree 1 >
Richard Colleen 4 >
Saindon Michelle 38 >
Schlatter James 43 <
Shah Mahendra 49 <
Smith Robert 39 <
Spinelli, Mathew 20 >
Stugard Nicholas 9 >
Szepanski Gregory 55<
Terrell Sally 42 <
Turcotte Claudia 11 <
Voisine Joyce 44 <
Waterhouse Jessica 40 <
Wittke Jennifer 30 >
Yawin Marguerite 5 >

Dental Hygiene Students Provide Dental Care to Young Patients in Bahamas

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Tunxis dental hygiene students and faculty were part of a team that participated in a community service learning experience this May, providing oral health services and education for the third year to children of Great Harbour Cay in Berry Islands, Bahamas.


Students Emily Carter, Kristina Luarasi, Rebecca Morey, Samuel Najarian, and Olivia Sagan, and Claudia Turcotte, CDA, RDH, professor of dental hygiene, provided health services and education to children of R.N. Gomez All-Ages School, in preschool through grade 12. In addition to screenings, the team provided fluoride varnish to the 109 children who were seen, and 40 percent of the children received sealants. They also received a kit with dental supplies, and participated in age-appropriate dental education activities.


Tunxis Foundation Sponsors Food Pantry

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Tunxis Foundation voted to sponsor The Pantry@Tunxis, which allows the Pantry to have 501(c)(3)status, and seek additional financial support in grants. The Pantry@Tunxis was established in 2016 to address student food insecurity on campus. Since then, more than 75 individuals have signed up to become members of the Pantry, with visits surpassing 300 in 21 months.

The Pantry serves as a resource for students and employees, pantry “members” can take up to 10 food and/or personal hygiene items twice a month. The goal of the Pantry is a short-term resource, with members receiving support and information to address their long-term needs.

The Pantry also provides dozens of food and gift cards for holiday meals several times a year for members and their immediate family members, holiday gifts to the children of members, and ‘Grab N Go’ healthy snacks for students who need food while on campus.

Due to the increase in need for the Pantry, it is now staffed by volunteer students and employees 10 hours a week. Donations come from all corners of the campus, as well as donations and food drives from local businesses such as Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation, John J. Driscoll United Labor Agency, Jackson Labs, Kelser Corporation, Highland Park, and more. Visit The Pantry website: tunxis.edu/pantry.

CSCU Tuition Increase Recommendation

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From President Mark Ojakian,  CT State Colleges & Universities—


March 24, 2017

Dear Students, Families and our CSCU Community:

We are working hard every day to put our students first. That is why, like last year, I want you to hear this news directly from me. I am recommending a tuition increase at all of our schools. It is a smaller increase than the previous two years, and for the first time I am suggesting a two-year time frame so that students and families can plan better for their educational costs.
What I am recommending for all students at the four state universities, 12 community colleges and Charter Oak State College is:

CSCU Tuition/Fees Increase New Tuition/Fees (FY18)
Universities $10,079 4.0% or $403 $10,482
Community Colleges $4,168 2.5% or $104 $4,276
Charter Oak State College $7,611 4.0% or $304 $7,915


CSCU Tuition/Fees Increase New Tuition/Fees (FY19)
Universities $10,482 4.0% or $419 $10,901
Community Colleges $4,276 2.5% or $108 $4,384
Charter Oak State College $7,915 4.0% or $319 $8,234


There are a few things we considered in making this decision:

  • Every year we nominally increase our tuition to address the growing costs of programs and services.
  • This increase will be the exactly the same next year. For community colleges, this represents an increase of approximately $50 per semester and $200 per semester for the universities and $150 at Charter Oak for the next two years.
  • This does not close our deficit and we would never look to tuition to do so. If we did, we would have to raise it by double-digits and that’s not an option we’d be willing to consider.
  • I want to deliver on my promise to keep our schools affordable and not further burden our hard working students.

The Board of Regents Finance Committee will meet on Wednesday, March 29, to discuss this recommendation and the full Board is scheduled to vote on April 6.
I am fully aware that an increase is still an increase and this will impact you and your families. As a public higher education system, we will work hard to provide you with the affordable high quality education you deserve and expect. Please contact me if you have questions or concerns at [email protected].

Mark E. Ojakian, President
CT State Colleges and Universities