Virtual Shopping List - The Pantry @ Tunxis

Students must complete the Intake Form and Hold Harmless Agreement every semester. If you have not completed these forms for this semester, please complete them before your request. We cannot complete your request until these forms are on file.

This virtual shopping list is to give you an idea of the items the pantry has, however, we might not have these items in stock at all times. Please select the items you would like to receive from the different categories below in your care package. Students can receive up to 20 items per month.

(Eight digit Banner ID)
Must be your Tunxis student or employee email (must end with .edu).
The items below do not count toward your overall item limit, but there is a limit of 2 freebies. Availability is limited.
We will try to fulfill your requests; however, all requests might not be able to be filled.
For you or other family members in your household.
Including feedback or suggestions.