Tunxis Students,

On behalf of the college’s faculty, staff, and management, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Tunxis Community College, and also to provide important information as you begin classes starting Jan. 21.

We are well-positioned to continue our current campus operations and staffing for the spring 2022 semester, including on-ground classes and activities, while maintaining a safe and healthy environment as we continue to deal with COVID-19.

Students must scan their student ID with Security when arriving on campus. If you do not have a student ID, please visit the Computer Lab. Employees, students and visitors – regardless of vaccination status – must be masked while on campus, social distance as needed, and stay home if they are sick. You can read more about these details in our reopening plans on the Tunxis website. Unvaccinated students must report for weekly COVID testing or risk being denied access to campus. Please call 860.773.1480 with any COVID related questions.

Despite many uncertainties, some things remain clear: a college degree leads to better jobs and greater lifetime earnings. I urge you to find your voice, get involved in one of our many student clubs, participate in some of the unique events and special programming, and utilize many of the free services and resources, including the Food Pantry, U-Pass, academic advising and tutoring services. Get more information on Student Services (PDF).

The college continues to engage and build strategic partnerships with legislators, workforce and manufacturing leaders, superintendents and other school officials; we remain focused on the critical needs of students and employers from our service region and beyond.

Tunxis is one of 12 CT Community Colleges undergoing a merger with a plan to become Connecticut State Community College in the fall of 2023. For students, this will mean more educational and support opportunities. We remain committed to keeping students at the center of our mission and help you and your peers to complete your education with minimal disruption. All students are encouraged to stay in touch with their academic advisor and academic program coordinator during their studies. Get more details about this merger.

Thank you for choosing Tunxis to help you achieve your educational goals. We look forward to welcoming you to our main campus in Farmington and our satellite facility [email protected] I encourage you to review the college’s website to learn more about free services, events and activities that will help you to be successful, as well as the policies in our college catalog (PDF).

Wishing you a safe, healthy, and successful spring semester!

Darryl Reome, Ed.D.
Campus CEO
Tunxis Community College