Sexual assault and interpersonal violence are complex and very real issues on and off campus. In order to address this reality, all members of the campus community and relevant off-campus support agencies must work together. Everyone has a role to play in ending sexual violence. To prevent gender-based violence, it is important that people are approached as potential witnesses or bystanders to behaviors related to sexual or dating violence.speak-up-speak-out

Proactive Bystander Intervention

In order to be a proactive bystander who helps prevent incidents of sexual violence, you can…

  • Believe violence is unacceptable and say it out loud
  • Talk openly with your friends about these issues
  • Use the resources listed in this brochure to inform yourself
  • Don’t laugh at sexist jokes or comments
  • Empower victims to tell their stories

Reactive Bystander Strategies

In order to be a reactive bystander who positively intervenes in instances
of sexual harassment or violence, there are certain ways you can step up
to prevent a risky situation from resulting in an assault.

  • Assume responsibility for intervening. Don’t be afraid to get involved
  • Get help from friends
  • Get help from campus safety or other college authorities for support
  • and options
  • Ask the person who is in a potentially dangerous situation if he/she
  • wants to leave
  • Ask the victim if she/he is ok
  • Provide options and a listening ear