What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is compelling by force or by threat of force the following:
sexual penetration of the vagina or anus, including by an object; oral sex; or contact with a person’s genital area, groin, anus, inner thighs, buttocks or breasts for the purpose of sexual gratification of the actor or for the purpose of degrading or humiliating the victim. Sexual assault is also intentionally subjecting another to such contact without consent. Any person can be a victim or perpetrator. Examples of sexual assault include: rape, attempted rape, intentional touching without consent of a person’s genital area, groin, anus, inner thighs, buttocks or breast for sexual gratification or to degrade the victim.

What is Stalking?

Stalking is any behaviors or activities occurring on more than one (1) occasion that collectively instill fear in the victim and/or threaten her/safety, mental health and/or physical health. Such behaviors or activities may include, but are not
limited to , whether on or off campus, non-consensual communications face-to-face, telephone, email, etc., threatening or obscene gestures, surveillance or being present outside the victim’s classroom or workplace.