June 24, 2019 Kenneth Colangelo

Civic Engagement

The Certificate in Civic Engagement will prepare students for careers designed to positively impact the civic well-being of their communities.  This will be accomplished through a diverse array of coursework and a hands-on practicum/internship focusing on sensitizing students to the needs of the community.

The Civic Engagement certificate consists of 18 credits made up of required courses and electives and culminating in a practicum/internship of the student’s choosing in consultation with his or her advisor and the Director of the Civic Engagement Institute. Students receiving the certificate will play an important role in addressing a community need while becoming adept at the concept and practice of civic responsibility.

Contact: Dr. Raphael Fierro

Course #TitleCredits
ENG*101 Composition (a) 3
POL*111 American Government (a) 3
HSE*101 Introduction to Human Services (a) 3
- or -
CJS*101 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
HIS*201 U.S. History I (a) 3
SOC*101 Principles of Sociology (a) 3
CEI*292 Civic Engagement Practicum/Internship (a) 3
Total 18

(a) Prerequisite and/or co-requisite required.

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