December 15, 2015 Kenneth Colangelo

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

Prepares an individual to apply in the workplace invaluable skills for this rapidly-growing field. Employment opportunities include, but are not limited to, the following careers: CAD Operator, Design Assistant, Mechanical Draftsperson, Architectural Draftsperson, CAD Technician, Layout Draftsperson, and Engineering Technician. Credits earned in this certificate program are applicable to the Associate in Science degree in Technology Studies.


Program Coordinator: Mathew Spinelli

Course #TitleCredits
CAD*133 CAD Mechanical AutoCAD (a) 3
MFG*127 Engineering Graphics (a) 3
  Directed CAD Elective ‡ (a)(b) 3
  Directed CAD Elective ‡ (a)(b) 3

(a) Prerequisite and/or co-requisite required.
(b) To be selected in consultation with faculty advisor based on student’s program of study.

‡ Students must select one of the following specializations:

Mechanical specialization
CAD*218 CAD 3D Mechanical AutoCAD (a)(b)
CAD*268 Mechanical Design and Modeling (a)(b)

Architectural specialization
CAD*204 CAD 3D Architectural AutoCAD (a)(b)
CAD*252 Architectural Design and Modeling (a)(b)

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