December 15, 2015 Jessica York

Computer Science/Mathematics (Honors) – No longer accepting new students

This program is being phased out and is no longer accepting new students.

Intellectually motivated students planning on pursuing a bachelor’s degree with the intention of going into the Computer Science field or becoming a high school mathematics teacher would be interested in this program. Under the provisions of an approved articulation agreement with Central Connecticut State University, Tunxis Community College graduates of this program with a grade point average of 2.7 or better may enter Central Connecticut State University’s School of Arts and Sciences at the junior level and apply their credits toward a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics for Secondary Teaching Certification, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Honors, or a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Alternative Program. The agreement is subject to space availability and completion of the required Central Connecticut State University admission process.

Program Coordinator: Jessica York

Becoming Connecticut State Community College
STUDENTS: The Community Colleges are undergoing a merger with a plan to become Connecticut State Community College in fall 2023; please work closely with your advisor/program coordinator to select your courses accordingly. Get more details about this merger.