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June 21, 2019 Rafaele Fierro

Geography Studies

Associate in Arts Degree

Framework 30
General Education Requirements Course # Title and/or Course Choices Credits
Aesthetic Dimensions From: ART*, DGA*, GRA*, MUS*, NMC*, COM*154/167/211, ENG*281/283/285, or THR*101 3
Continuing Learning/Information Literacy From: ACC*123, BBG*115, CSC*101, CST*201, ENG*103 3
(Oral Communication is embedded in all courses listed.)
Critical Analysis & Logical Thinking From: BBG*240, COM*101/201, ENG*114-ENG*260, ENG*293, HIS*213 and above, or PHL* 3
(Written Communication is embedded in all courses.)
Historical Knowledge & Understanding From: HIS*213 or below 3
(Oral Communication is embedded in all courses.)
Quantitative Reasoning From: MAT*141 or above 3-4
Scientific Knowledge & Understanding From: AST*, BIO*, CHE*, EAS*, EVS*, MET* or PHY* 3-4
Scientific Reasoning From lab sections of: AST*, BIO*, CHE*, PHY* 4
(Ethical Dimensions is embedded in all courses listed.) 3
Social Phenomena Knowledge/Understanding From: ANT*, COM*172, ECN*, GEO*, POL*, PSY*, or SOC*
(Ethical Dimensions is embedded in all courses listed.)
Written Communication I ENG*101 Composition (a) 3
Written Communication II ENG*103 Composition II (a) OR
ESL*162 ESL: Reading & Writing VI (a) 3
Framework 30 Total 31-33
Pathway 30
Major Program Requirements
(Choose 2 of the 3 following courses – 6 credits total)
Course # Title or Choices Credits
GEO*101 Introduction to Geography (a) 3
GEO*102 Introduction to Human Geography** (a) 3
GEO*111 World Regional Geography** (a) 3
General Education I
Creativity From: ART*, COM*167/211, DGA*, GRA*, MUS*, NMC*, THR*101/110 3
General Education II
Global Knowledge From: ANT*101/205, ECN*101/102, GEO*101, PSY*203 3
Complete up to 9 credits in one subject area outside of geography. 3-6 of these credits may also meet general education requirements within Framework 30.  Students should consider pursuing a minor subject area based upon their specific field of interest in geography.
Some suggestions include:   ANT, Anthropology; CS, Computer Science; EAS, Earth Science; ECN, Economics; EVS, Environmental Science; GLG, Geology (not offered at Tunxis); HIS, History; MAT, Mathematics (Statistics preferred); POL, Political Science
Unrestricted Electives (b) (6-9 credits)
GEO*204 Geography and Tourism Development** (b) 3
 (Recommended if pursuing the Specialization in Tourism at CCSU.)
Your choice, see note below (b) 3
Your choice, see note below (b) 3
Pathway 30 Total 30
Transfer Ticket Total 61-63
**These courses are not available at Tunxis.  In order to complete them, you will need to take them at another institution.  They are often offered online at other community colleges.  Your advisor can help you arrange to take these courses.  Also, these courses may be used as a Framework 30 course at the Community Colleges that have vetted it, but cannot be used to fulfill General Education II: Global Knowledge.
(a) Prerequisite and/or co-requisite required.
(b) To be selected in consultation with faculty advisor based on student’s program of study.  You are free to choose any courses at or above the 100-level to complete unrestricted electives, although you may need to use these credits to take courses that prepare you for required courses in the degree program.  It is strongly suggested students should consider completing other General Education courses for the CSUs, beginning or completing work on foreign language requirements not already met in high school and beginning work on minor requirements of some CSUs.  Central Connecticut State University will require that you complete a minor by earning at least 18 credits in one area outside your major field; you most complete at least 9 of those minor credits at CCSU.  You can also complete other General Education requirements for CCSU, SCSU, WCSU, and COSC – but not ECSU.
To graduate and be guaranteed admission to a State University or Charter Oak State College, the student must earn an overall 2.0 grade point average.

Contact: Rafaele Fierro

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