December 15, 2015 Kenneth Colangelo

Human Services: Family Violence Intervention Option

Provides the student with a broad knowledge base through core classes in Human Services, and with the knowledge and skills essential to working with perpetrators as well as victims of abuse. Domestic violence is a growing societal problem that may be addressed through competent counseling by trained professionals who understand the dynamics involved. This program also provides students with a liberal arts background and application-oriented instruction in a broad range of Human Services skills. The student who chooses the Family Violence Option will participate in a field experience, working within the domestic violence and family violence network.

Program Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of all courses in the program, students will be able to:

  1. understand and apply terminology used in today’s family violence field, and interpret and communicate information when appropriate
  2. analyze the interaction of social policies on client systems, workers, and agencies.
  3. read and explain relevant literature in the field of family violence
  4. describe and evaluate the ways in which data are collected and applied in the field of family violence
  5. research and write a report utilizing the library, the Internet, informational interviews, and other sources
  6. develop critical-thinking skills within the context of professional family violence practice in order to solve problems, to apply learning and reasoning strategies, and to acquire and utilize information
  7. be knowledgeable about formal and informal assessment practices that reflect both the needs and strengths of disadvantaged people
  8. develop an understanding and awareness of cultural diversity, and identify causes, consequences, and solutions to inequality due to race, age, religion, and economics
  9. practice within the values and ethics of the human services profession and with an understanding of and respect for the positive value of diversity.

Guided Pathways Human Services Advisor: Nicole Mihelis   860.773.1779

Program Coordinator and Faculty Advisor: Sabrina Adams-Roberts

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