April 19, 2018 Kenneth Colangelo

Advanced Manufacturing Electro-Mechanical Maintenance Technology

New Students for Electronics Technology Certificate and Electro-Mechanical Certificate: There will be no evening classes offered for the Spring Semester at Tunxis Community College. Daytime classes will only be offered at Asnuntuck Community College in Enfield, CT. Students should apply to Asnuntuck for Admission and register for any of the daytime classes offered.

Electro-mechanical technicians work with engineers, machinists, and designers, to develop/modify products and create manufacturing systems that meet customer demands. You’ll troubleshoot electrical, electronics, and mechanical issues on the production line and perform the repairs, making certain every step of the manufacturing system runs smoothly and efficiently.

This one-semester certificate complements and supplements the two semester Electronics Controls Systems certificate program and provides more in depth electronics and electrical competencies together with coursework in the maintenance and repair of mechanical instruments and machines. This additional certificate will provide the skills sets required to enter several diverse fields such as manufacturing, health industry, distribution systems, machining industry, and engineering. The technology of computer-directed design, production, warehousing, distribution, and wholesale and retailing requires the knowledge and skills inherent in the certificate program.

Semester 1

MFG 158 Pneumatics & Hydraulics
MFG 159 Industrial Maintenance
MFG 162 CNC Maintenance & Repair I
MFG 163 CNC Maintenance & Repair II
MFG 164 Electro-Mechanical Seminar/Internship

Contact: Priscy Ramos

Becoming Connecticut State Community College
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