Foundation Scholarships

Help Us Establish Scholarships

An education at Tunxis Community College works for a lifetime.  The scholarships that are provided to Tunxis students change lives, build futures and create hope and opportunity for years to come.

Today, more than ever before, the struggles of everyday life prevent students from experiencing the benefits of higher education. Survival has become the norm for many students – the stress of paying for rent, transportation, groceries while battling a poor economy and sky rocketing expenses is simply overwhelming. Fifty percent of TCC students require financial assistance to attend college. For a student to attend Tunxis full-time, one year’s tuition, fees, books and other expenses amount to about $4,500. A two year degree will total close to $9,000.

Thanks to generous individuals, companies and foundations, scholarships are given to Tunxis students every year that may not have otherwise been able to afford a quality education.

The Tunxis Foundation offers a series of scholarships to Tunxis students annually. The scholarship drive typically begins in early December with a deadline in mid to late February. All applicants are notified by letter in April of the results of their applications.

Most Scholarships are awarded in May during our Student Achievement and Recognition Ceremony. Students may use their scholarship during any of our 4 semesters including on-line classes. The current cost of a 3 credit course is $547.00; therefore, we like to set our Scholarship minimum at $547.00. Named scholarships can be made in the name of individuals, families or organizations.

We also have Sponsorship opportunities available that include sponsoring a package of 10 bus passes for a student in need or a voucher for textbooks.

To learn more about creating a scholarship and leaving a legacy, email the foundation or call 860.255.3604.

Annual Scholarships

Scholarships donated to the Foundation on an annual basis also may be created. The minimum donation to create a scholarship is $500 per year, or $250 per semester.  This would be a separate fund that the Foundation manages.

The cost of a fund where the scholarship award has specific eligibility requirements and where the entire fund is to be paid out within one year would be $1,000.