Why Business Administration?


What Format Works for You?

  • On campus 15-week courses offered during the day and/or evening
  • Fully online 15-week courses
  • Fully online 3-, 7- and 8-week accelerated courses. Take only two courses at a time and complete your certificate in 6 months or full degree in 22 months
  • Mix and match on campus, online, 15-week and accelerated to meet your learning needs!

What Can I Earn?

Business Administration Degree
Business Studies Transfer Ticket – Seamless transfer to any Conn. State University

Accounting Certificate
B.A. Certificate
Finance Certificate
Marketing Certificate

How Do I Apply?

It only takes a few minutes to apply online! Here are some simple steps to apply online and get started –https://tunxis.edu/offices-departments/admissions-office/

How Much Does It Cost?

Tunxis offers an affordable option to completing your degree to getting the business skills you need in your current/future job! – https://tunxis.edu/offices-departments/business-office/tuition-fees-payment/