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Introducing the Tunxis Library

This beautiful Library was designed to serve the students, faculty, staff, and community of Tunxis Community College.

Library Mission

The mission of the Library aligns with the tenets of the College: student success, community spirit, diverse perspectives, and scholarship.  We ardently strive to support the needs of our students and the initiatives and curricula of our faculty through a relevant and vibrant collection of books, DVDs and streaming films, audio books, and digital resources, as well as through research and library instruction, and personalized assistance.  We encourage continuous communication from our Library users who inspire us to improve our services, our collection, our inclusion of new technologies, our policies, and also help us to shape effective and valuable information literacy assignments. The Tunxis Library vision is to create and nurture a vibrant environment where both academic and informal learning can flourish.  To this end, we provide quiet study, space for group collaboration, a warm and welcoming physical and web presence, and resources and reference services that can help you achieve your goals.  Please enjoy! The Tunxis Library is open to the public.  State residents with proper identification are welcome to register for a guest borrower card. For the most recent compilation of our annual Library usage statistics and staff initiatives, please review our Annual Report.

Library Facility

First Floor

Second Floor

The Tunxis Library has an area of 30,000 square feet and occupies most of the 700 building, along with Pages Café and Lounge (coffee by the book!).  There are two floors (see diagrams) with two public service points:  Circulation/Reserve/Interlibrary Loan and Reference.  There is a 24-person computer classroom, seating for 445 (including individual study carrels, tables, or soft seating), three conference rooms of varying sizes, and 12 unique study rooms with DVD players and white boards.  Three of the study rooms are “collaboration stations” for group computer work and two other study rooms are dedicated exclusively to students currently enrolled in the College’s Human Anatomy and Physiology course. There are over 50 computers with networked printers for student, faculty, and staff use and three computers with a printing fee for community users. Wireless connectivity is available to the Tunxis community  throughout the Library and in the surrounding halls and lounges.  Guests of the Library may obtain user names and passwords at the Circulation Desk for “guest access” to the campus wireless network.

Library Services


When classes are in session, the Library is open Monday through Thursday, 8 am to 8 pm, Friday, 8 am to 4 pm, and Saturday, 9 am to 2 pm (equaling 61 hours per week).


Librarians are always available to:

Library Website

The Library website allows users 24/7 access to the online catalog, as well as access to over 50 databases for thousands of full-text articles, streaming videos, and e-books.  At the Library’s website, users can also contact a reference librarian, place interlibrary loan and hold requests, make suggestions for purchase, and find Research Guides.

Library Collection

The Library’s collection consists of over 50,000 volumes, along with hundreds of print magazines, journals, and newspapers.  The online databases provide our users access to thousands of full-text journal articles and e-books, as well as streaming videos. The Library also has a large collection of educational and entertainment DVDs, an early childhood reading and music collection,  ukuleles and children’s band instruments, coin-operated copiers, a self-checkout station, DVD players and headphones, a memoir and hot read collection, and resources for English language learners. Detailed Library Policies >

LIT Main: 860.773.1550   |   Circulation: 860.773.1560   |   Reference: 860.773.1556

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