November 3, 2021 Melissa Lamar

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Tunxis Community College has announced a new Data Science program this fall to meet the growing need for data analytics professionals in a variety of industries.

Data science is a field which extracts insights from big data which are used in decision making, product development, trend analysis and forecasting.

“The world needs people who can make sense of the massive amounts of new data collected on a daily basis, whether it’s creating machine learning algorithms or understanding trends,” said Nicholas Stugard, Tunxis professor of mathematics. “We are excited that Tunxis is now offering courses and programs in data science to help ensure our graduates will gain critical and desirable skills in such an important and growing field.”

The associate degree and certificate at Tunxis provide foundational knowledge in key elements of data science including data management, statistical principles, analytics, data management, and machine learning tools. Course work can be transferred to a bachelor’s degree program for those preparing to become data analysts.

The certificate is also useful for students pursuing studies in many other fields as an add-on to their degrees, especially for those training for careers in marketing, artificial intelligence, health care, sciences, computer science web technologies, and renewable energy.

With more companies turning to data to better manage their organizations, data science and data analytics are some of the fastest growing fields according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Employment of mathematical science occupations is expected to grow 27.9 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than all occupations and resulting in about 50,400 new jobs.

For more information on the data science program at Tunxis, contact Nick Stugard at [email protected].

Tunxis is currently accepting registrations for spring 2022 semester, which starts Jan. 21. The priority deadline for those interested in Connecticut’s program for debt-free community college (PACT), is Nov. 15. For more information on how to apply and register, contact the Admissions Office at 860.773.1490 or [email protected].