June 7, 2018 Melissa Lamar

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Tunxis Community College has announced a new Community College Tuition Match Scholarship Agreement with Charter Oak State College which will reduce the price of obtaining a bachelor’s degree for those students who transfer to Charter Oak, matching the Connecticut Community College tuition rate in effect for that year.

To apply for the scholarship, which goes into effect for the fall 2018 semester, the student must complete their associate degree, be in good academic standing with a GPA of at least 2.3, and enroll at Charter Oak State College within six months of completing an associate degree.

“This is a great opportunity, especially for our students with other time commitments such as jobs and families, to pursue their bachelor’s degree online at the same tuition rate they paid at Tunxis,” said Dr. James Lombella, President of Asnuntuck and Tunxis Community Colleges.

The tuition scholarship is good for five years. To maintain the scholarship, the student must enroll in a minimum of six Charter Oak credits in the fall and spring semesters, enabling the student to graduate in five years attending part-time. Students can take additional courses at the reduced rate and graduate earlier, take courses in the summer, or take additional courses they may need at Tunxis as long as they adhere to the scholarship requirements.

Eligible students should apply for financial aid, including Federal Pell Grants, to help cover the costs of their college expenses. They will be responsible for books, a technology fee, and any other course related expenses. Students will also need to meet Charter Oak State College’s degree requirements for the bachelor’s degree.

Fall registration is in progress at Tunxis Community College in Farmington. For more on the Community College Incentive Program and how to apply and register at TCC, contact the Admissions Office at 860.773.1490, or visit tunxis.edu/apply.

Tunxis offers over 60 associate degrees and certificates, providing critical thinking and problem-solving skills that prepare students for transfer to bachelor’s degree programs and employment in areas with industry need. Located in Farmington, more than 6,000 students enroll in credit and continuing education programs at Tunxis each semester.