November 10, 2020 Melissa Lamar

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Tunxis Community College in Farmington will offer online accelerated credit courses during a Winter Session which runs Dec. 27-Jan. 17.

Registration is currently in progress, and will be accepted through Dec. 28. Courses meet Monday through Friday during the three-week session at an accelerated pace.

New students can register by email, fax, or online. Those who have not previously taken a credit course at Tunxis can submit an application online at

Students who attend other colleges may enroll in courses at Tunxis and transfer the credits earned during the winter to their bachelor’s or associate degree programs. Those who plan to transfer credits should have the Tunxis courses approved by their home institution before they register to assure transfer of credits.

Accounting, art appreciation, art history, business, computer science, dental assisting, economics, U.S. history, mathematics, music history & appreciation, public speaking, sociology, and Spanish are among the online courses offered. Visit to view all courses.

For more information on how to apply and register, contact the Records Office at [email protected].

From fine arts, health, and technology to advanced manufacturing technology programs, Tunxis offers more than 70 associate degrees and certificates, providing critical thinking and problem-solving skills that prepare students for transfer to bachelor’s degree programs and employment in areas with industry need. For more information on Tunxis programs, call 860.773.1490, or visit the website at Tunxis is located at the junction of Routes 6 and 177 in Farmington.