April 30, 2021 Melissa Lamar

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Tunxis Community College Veterans’ OASIS has received a $7,000 donation from Hartford Physicians Associates Inc. to help Tunxis student veterans.

“We are grateful for this generous gift, which helps to provide critically important support and resources for these veterans as they work toward their degrees,” said Dr. Darryl Reome, Tunxis campus CEO.

The funds will be used to support student veterans and operation of the Veterans’ OASIS on campus. Some of the expenses covered by donations include food and supplies for veterans, scholarships, social activities, funding for a college program that provides free dental services to student veterans, and financial help for those students who need assistance with basic living expenses.

Tunxis opened the Veterans OASIS in 2009 to provide a place for Tunxis student veterans to meet, study and socialize between classes. The OASIS, which stands for Operation Academic Support for Incoming Service members, is part of a larger statewide initiative started in 2008 to form OASIS centers at all of Connecticut’s public colleges and universities where returning veteran students can connect, study, encourage each other and share their experiences as they pursue their studies and transition back into civilian life.

Tunxis offers more than 70 associate degrees and certificates that prepare students for transfer to four-year degrees and transition into the workforce with such programs as accelerated business administration; advanced manufacturing technology, computer information systems; criminal justice; data science; energy management, engineering; liberal arts and sciences; pathway to teaching careers, and technology.