Obtain a copy of your most recent evaluations (psycho-educational evaluation or medical report). School districts will keep records on file for 7 years. An IEP and/or 504 are not sufficient documentation of a disability. Current documentation should preferably be conducted using adult testing instruments (WAIS). A qualified professional (e.g. licensed psychologist, medical doctor) must conduct the evaluation and provide documentation of a disability. Documentation must be appropriate and recent, generally within three years of the current date, and should include:

  • Qualifications of the evaluator
  • Dates of testing
  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Specific diagnosis
  • Clinical evidence of a disability
  • Rationale for recommended accommodations

For more information regarding appropriate documentation, see the Guide for Students with Disabilities (PDF).

Guide for Students with Disabilities (PDF)

This handbook explains how students with disabilities can request academic adjustments and access support services at Tunxis Community College. It serves as a guide to help students understand the guidelines as well as the steps for obtaining reasonable academic adjustments and access to learning in a post-secondary setting.

For more information, contact the Office of Disability Services at 860.773.1530 or [email protected].