Learning Strategies Workshops

Let’s Strategize!

Learning Strategy Sessions are here to help!

Individualized one-on-one sessions, free to students enrolled in credit classes at Tunxis Community College. Each session lasts 30-45 minutes. To sign-up, please see contact information for each workshop topic below.

Workshop Topics

Time Management & Organization

Do you have too much to do and not enough time to complete everything? This workshop will help you manage your time using various tools and time organization strategies.
To schedule this workshop contact Debbie Kosior at 860.773.1526 or [email protected].

Test Taking & Study Strategies

Learn test-taking strategies to help you better prepare for your tests and help you stay calm and confident when testing. This workshop will also focus on some basic study techniques.
To schedule this workshop contact Amanda Burkhart at 860.773.1527 or [email protected].

Reading Comprehension Strategies

This workshop explores strategies to stay active with a text. Learn techniques you can do before you start reading that will help in your understanding of the material. You will also learn techniques to help recall the information you have read.
To schedule this workshop contact Michele Castiola at 860.773.1523 or [email protected].

Writer’s Workshop & Inspiration

Inspiration Writing Software to jump start the writing process. Pre-write, brainstorm, organize notes, and create an outline for your essay. Explore the steps required to write an effective essay.
To schedule this workshop contact Joseph Sokola at 860.773.1537 or [email protected].

How to Succeed in Math

This workshop is designed to help students achieve success in their math classes. Bring your textbook for a hands-on-learning session full of techniques proven to enhance your math skills.
To schedule this workshop contact Mohamed Mountassir at 860.773.1528. [email protected].

For more information, contact the Academic Success & Tutoring Center at 860.773.1530 or [email protected].