Dental Care Services – Make an Appointment

Tunxis Dental Hygiene Clinic meets at the University of Connecticut Health Center

Evening appointments only from September to May

Dental services are determined after a dental exam and based upon patient/client needs. The procedures may include: prophylaxis, fluoride treatment, x-rays, sealants, nutritional counseling, oral hygiene instructions and oral cancer screenings. All clients in need of additional dental care beyond the scope of dental hygiene practice receive a referral.

All students are supervised by faculty who are licensed dental professionals.

The clinic accepts all patient/clients who meet the educational needs of the program. The dental hygiene clinic accepts direct pay, as well as Medicaid and Husky A and B plans.
To make an appointment in this clinic please call 860.773.1681 Monday through Thursday, during the academic year which is August 25 to May 1.

Program Outcomes

The Dental Hygiene Program will utilize the following graduation outcomes in assessing students.  Tunxis Community College dental hygiene students strive for achievement of these abilities as well as traditional grades.

Health Promotion-develops, implements, and evaluates health promotion strategies directed toward assisting individuals as well as diverse populations achieve oral wellness as a component of overall health and awareness.

Process of Care and Evidence-Based Practice-provides care to all clients without regard to economic, social, cultural, religious, or health students, based upon an individualized human need, evidence-based practice which includes assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, education, evaluations, and documentation.

Teamwork-effectively engages in interpersonal activities and teamwork.

Technology-appropriately and effectively uses technology to accomplish assigned tasks.

Oral and Written Communication-delivers oral presentations or written text using appropriate information and/or analysis for the rhetorical situation.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving-identifies the problem or deficit, formulates an argument, explains, and analyzes relationships clearly, draws reasonable inferences, and conclusions that are logical.

Ethical and Professional Standards- identifies and reflects critically on ethical issues presented in classroom, simulation, community settings, or clinical patient care.  Demonstrates professionalism across the curriculum in all aspects of the program.

Health and Licensure Requirements


In addition to the State College immunization requirements, students are required to be immunized for tetanus, hepatitis B, Covid-19, and annual influenza. Students will receive a packet of information at the time of acceptance into Tunxis Community College Dental Hygiene Program.

Criminal Background Checks

Some clinical learning sites require students to undergo a background check for felony convictions.

Students who do not pass the background check may be excluded from the clinical site and may not be able to meet the competencies required for the program.

Medical Emergency Response

Students are required to complete First Aid, Emergency Oxygen, and CPR at the professional level or healthcare provider or BLS.  American Red Cross and American Heart Association two-year certifications are only accepted.  Courses must be completed in August of the year the student begins the dental hygiene program.  Tunxis Community College offers Basic Medical Support every year that meets those requirements.

Clinical Site

Clinical learning experiences are planned as an integral part of the dental hygiene courses and are held at a variety of health care settings, such as hospitals, extended care facilities, and selected community health centers. Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from assigned clinical sites. Clinical experiences may be assigned during daytime, evening, or weekend hours. Assignment of clinical sites is at the discretion of the dental hygiene faculty.

Waiver of Licensure Guarantee

Upon successful completion of the associate of science degree in Dental Hygiene, the graduate is eligible to take the Dental Hygiene National Boards and apply for a license. The completion of the dental hygiene program does not insure a license to practice dental hygiene. Licensure requirements and procedures are the responsibility of the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

Felony Conviction

At the time of application for licensure an applicant will be asked the following question by the Connecticut Department of Public Health: “Have you ever been found guilty or convicted as a result of an act which constitutes a felony under the laws of this state, federal law or the laws of another jurisdiction and which, if committed within this state, would have constituted a felony under the laws of this state? If your answer is “yes,” give full details, dates, etc. on a separate notarized statement and furnish a certified court copy (with court seal affixed) of the original complaint, the answer, the judgment, the settlement, and/or the disposition.”

Other Requirements

As a health care professional/student, you are at an increased risk for contracting blood borne infectious diseases. The School of Dental Hygiene is not responsible for any medical cost associated with you contracting any communicable disease during or prior to your education and/or participation in Tunxis Community College Dental Hygiene Program sponsored functions. If you contract a blood borne infectious disease before or during your enrollment appropriate health experts must be consulted to determine your ability to treat patients.