1. All financial aid recipients are expected to make satisfactory progress toward completion of degree or certificate requirements. Every financial aid recipient should read the College’s policy on academic eligibility for financial aid.
  2. Students are responsible for reading and understanding all forms they are asked to sign, and should keep copies of all documents submitted to the Financial Aid Services Office.
  3. Financial aid recipients must inform the Financial Aid Services Office in writing of any change in name, address, marital status, family size, curriculum, or financial circumstances.
  4. Students who have questions concerning the accuracy or completeness of their applications should contact the Financial Aid Services Office to examine their files.
  5. All financial aid applicants are assumed to be completely familiar with the contents of the College catalog.

Full Text – Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (PDF)


Students who withdraw from classes before the end of a term are subject to an award adjustment. This may result in the student being required to repay some or all of the grants and loans awarded for the classes from which they have withdrawn. Please refer to the College Withdrawal Policy.

For more information, contact the Office of Financial Aid Services, at 860.773.1422.