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Promoting Your Events and News to External Audiences

Are you ready to promote your campus event? Make sure you have the following information, and then follow the checklist below. Please note that Marketing & Public Relations will provide final consultation on your request, taking into account time involved, amount of lead time and other factors.

Important information to have about your event before promoting:

  • Is the event open to the public?
  • Who, what, where (including room) and when is your event
  • Description
  • Cost
  • Websites & URL (if applies)
  • Sponsorships
  • Additional Information (Things to bring, registration deadline, refreshments, etc. )

Checklist of things to do:

  • Consider when you want to start promoting the event and when that promotion should be taken down
  • Consider what computer and AV equipment you’ll need in your location
  • Schedule rooms using the Event Management System
  • In any email or other external communication with those you are inviting, remember to send them a link to http://tunxis.edu/map so that they will know how to get to your location.

Please use the following email links to request services.

For internal promotions and announcements you may also want to contact Kerry Beckford for the Tatler staff newsletter.