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Students may gain credit by examination. In certain academic areas, examinations are scheduled on a regular basis. Other exams may be offered at the discretion of individual Faculty members. These examinations may consist of any combination of oral, written, laboratory work, or portfolio analysis. Examinations may be taken only in subject areas in which the student has not received college credit in more advanced courses.

Applications are available at the Records Office (Registrar) and must be signed by the appropriate Department Chair and Faculty member administering the examination. A fee of $15.00 will be charged per examination. Once appropriate signatures have been obtained and the fee is paid to the Business Office, the form must be returned to the Records Office (Registrar).

Credits will be granted with the grade of “Pass” only, no quality points are earned and the student’s GPA is not affected.

For more information, contact the Records Office (Registrar) during regular business hours at 860.773.1440