Online courses fill quickly; so don’t put off your registration and payment. Shortly after registering, you will receive an Online Student Confirmation letter. This letter will include your Student ID#.

An online education student may register by following the instructions available in the Distance Learning portal (see registration). Remember that prerequisites must be completed prior to registration. If a prerequisite was not completed at Tunxis, proof of the prerequisite must be included at the time of registration.

Important Information you should know to prepare for your semester online!

Remember that access into your online education course is not available until the scheduled start date for the course.

Get to the know the Distance Learning portal on our web site. The Distance Learning portal has everything you need to know, including how to register, get your books, and more. It also includes informational areas that answer the most frequently asked questions from our online students.

So take this opportunity to browse the Distance Learning portal and get acquainted with this area before your course begins! The Distance Learning portal is the gateway to your semester online!

Logging Into Your Course – ID/Password/PIN

The Distance Learning portal provides course log-in instructions. Be sure to view these instructions for possible changes from previous semesters.

Your ID, to log in to your course, is actually your Net ID – noted by an 8-digit number, followed by an “@” symbol and a domain like New students will recieve their Net ID in the mail, soon after registering.

NOTE: Logging in to your course also requires a password. Your password is the same as the PIN you use to view your grades and academic information in the Community College System’s student information site at Your password/PIN should be 6-digits/characters – no more or less – and is case sensitive. Watch out for the number or caps lock keys!

Again, the password for your online course and the PIN to view your grades – are the same 6-digits/characters.

Be ready when it’s time to start your course through Blackboard Vista. Establish your 6-digit/character PIN at the Community College System student information site,, before classes start!

If you have previously experienced trouble entering the Community College System student information site or have been disabled from re-entering, see Student ID Number and PIN# Reset Procedures.

For more information, contact the Records Office (Registrar) during regular business hours at 860.773.1440