A student can register and pay via the web during designated dates for each semester if all of the following criteria apply to you. You must

  • be a current student or student returning after less than two years,
  • know your Net ID,
  • have checked the prerequisites for your course choice and have completed them at Tunxis,
  • have no Business Office or Library holds on your account,
  • and be prepared to make payment at the time of registration.
    Check out Web registration dates each semester.

NOTE: If you did not complete a prerequisite at Tunxis, the Web registration system will not allow you to register!

You may wish to PRINT these directions before continuing.

  1. Go to my.commnet.edu.
  2. Log in by entering your Net ID (8-digit Student ID + “@student.commnet.edu”) and then your password.
  3. First time users: Your password is initially
    1. the 1st three characters of birth month (with first letter capitalized)
    2. Ampersand character – &
    3. Last 4 digits of Social Security Number
  4. Select “Tunxis Community College,” then “Student Services & Financial Aid.”
  5. Register for courses by selecting “Registration & Payment,” then “Register (Add/Drop) Classes”. Select “Term” and be sure to read/follow the on-screen instructions for “Steps 1 & 2.”
  6. Enter CRN(s) – course reference number(s) – you wish to enroll in, “Submit Changes,” then “Initiate Payment.” Follow the instructions.
  7. Select “Submit Term,” fill in credit card payment information, then select “Submit Payment.”
  8. To confirm you have been registered, view and print your semester schedule information.

For more information, contact
the Records Office (Registrar) during regular business hours at 860.773.1440