Get a fresh start with the Fresh Start Option

The purpose of the Fresh Start Option is to offer a second chance for students who experienced a poor academic start at Tunxis and delayed their success but now wish to resume their studies.

A student returning to Tunxis after a two year absence may be eligible for the Fresh Start Option provided they are returning on probation or academic suspension and with a GPA below a 2.0.

Students seeking the Fresh Start Option must complete a readmit form. No admissions fee is required. If accepted for the Fresh Start Option, the student will receive credit only for all courses with a grade of “C-or above, including those marked “P” (Pass). The Fresh Start Option will be applied to ALL courses taken previously, even if completed satisfactorily.

Students are reminded that invoking the Fresh Start Option does not automatically guarantee academic eligibility for financial aid and are asked to contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

To request the Fresh Start Option, complete and submit the form below.

Fresh Start Option Request Form

Student Information

Include apartment number, if any.

Semester Fresh Start Becomes Effective

Submit to Tunxis

Trouble with the above form?  You may download a Fresh Start Request Form (PDF). Completed forms may be returned to Jen Barry.

For more information, contact the Advising Center at 860.773.1510.