Connecticut State Colleges & Universities Transfer Tickets—Connecticut’s Most Affordable Bachelor’s Degree

What are Transfer Tickets? Transfer Tickets are the result of the Transfer and Articulation Policy which was implemented to ensure students can transfer from Connecticut Community Colleges to Connecticut State Universities in the most seamless way possible.

  • Start with an associate degree from Tunxis.
  • Choose a Transfer Ticket pre-major pathway and earn your associate degree.
  • Transfer to a Connecticut State University or Charter Oak State College and earn your bachelor’s degree.

No Loss of Credit! Each Transfer Tickets tells students exactly which courses to take. Students’ degrees can be attained without costing extra money or requiring extra credits. A student who completes 60-61 credits in a Transfer Ticket at Tunxis will enter a CSU or COSC as a junior and need to take 60 credits to earn a bachelor’s degree in the major. For more information on Transfer Tickets, visit

Available Transfer Tickets