Event Promotion Form

This form will be submitted for addition to the events displays located in the lobbies around campus and will be shared on the clubs web page where indicated.

This information will also be submitted for, and may possibly included on, the home page Events listings and social media posts as well as the Tatler employee newsletter.
Please contact Marketing and Public Relations if you require additional promotion of your event.

Please allow 5 business days for processing of events to be posted on lobby and campus displays.

To best inform your audiences we strongly encourage at least 15 business days notice prior to events likely to require web page and social media promotion.

A confirmation email will be sent to this email address containing everything that has been submitted in this form. This email address will be the one shown in any promotional material, where applicable. Please be sure the event contact checks their junk email folder for this confirmation email.
This description will likely be edited in order to fit the small amount of space available on the screens. Please feel free to provide as much detail as possible though since similar restrictions do not necessarily apply to other media where the event may be posted.