Get more Pell and graduate faster

You may be eligible to receive to receive financial aid in the winter.

What does this mean?

Students may receive Pell awards during the Winter semesters. It is based off spring enrollment.

What’s the application process?

· A current academic year FAFSA must be on file in the Financial Aid Office
· Enroll for the winter class(es) that count toward your TXCC degree, certificate or diploma.
· Complete the Pell Estimate Request form below – the Financial Aid Office will notify you by email if your financial aid will cover part or all of your winter tuition and fees.

Winter Session Financial Aid Application

Proposed Winter Schedule

Proposed Spring Schedule

Important Instructions
Please complete all items above: Incomplete applications will NOT be processed!
These Conditions apply to your winter grant:
• You must register for all winter and spring classes at the same time.
• The Winter 2022/2023 is considered part of the Spring 2023 aid period; all winter book purchases will be
charged against your spring award – use your funds wisely or you may run out of book funds for spring!
• If you withdraw from any winter class, your grant will be cancelled. You will then be billed for all charges.
• Any balance not covered by aid must be paid in full at the time of registration.
• If your grades after Fall 2022 indicate that you are not in good academic standing, your winter grant will be
cancelled, and you will be responsible for any outstanding expenses.
• If we have to cancel your grant for any reason, you will be responsible for any tuition and fees due.
• Fees are non-refundable; if you register for a class and drop prior to the first day of the winter semester,
you will be responsible for paying the fees for the dropped class.
• You will be notified through your preferred email when the winter aid award decision has been made; you may then view the award info on your student account; we do not mail letter responses.

Any Questions? Contact the Financial Aid Office at [email protected]