Campus Wi-Fi

Tunxis Community College provides a wireless connection to the Internet for authorized students and staff. The wireless interface is identified as “ConnSCU”.
Users should look for this identifier in the wireless settings of their device to establish a connection.
While the operating system of every device presents a slightly different interface, the connection process will require users to enter their NetID and password.

These links may be helpful to learn to connect your device to the Wi-Fi network:

Support: Students who experience difficulties are welcome to contact the IT HelpDesk in the Computer Center for assistance. HelpDesk or IT Department staff can provide users with guidance on configuring their devices to use this network. However, configuration of personally owned devices is the sole responsibility of the device owner. A request for assistance from College staff in the configuration of a device constitutes consent that such assistance is provided with no liability to Tunxis Community College for any unforeseen impacts on the usability of the device for any other purpose.

Applicable Policies: Users of the ConnSCU network must comply with the current version of all applicable ConnSCU policies.

For more information, contact the IT HelpDesk in the Computer Center for assistance at 860.773.1390

Trouble making calls on campus?
Wi-Fi calling and text messaging might work for you.

Many mobile devices and carriers now support making calls and sending text messages over Wi-Fi when cell service is poor or unavailable.

Our Wi-Fi is strong.