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Safe Learning Options - Online, Hybrid, Live Remote Online, Online with a Campus Requirement, On Ground

ONLN – Online Courses @ Tunxis Are:

Virtual courses that are conducted electronically through a Learning Management System (LMS) called Blackboard and have no regularly scheduled on-campus requirements.

Some people may refer to online courses as:online learning, online education, eLearning, distance learning, virtual learning, web-enhanced learning, or asynchronous learning courses, etc…

Online courses typically use a variety of asynchronous tools and applications to deliver content, facilitate instruction, and assess learning. They are ideal for students who like the digital environment, who cannot come to campus, or whose schedules prevent them from taking the traditional, on-campus, version of a course.

While most online courses do not require students to be online on any specific date or time, they do adhere to the same academic calendar, require regular weekly participation and have DUE dates specific to each unit, module or chapter that is covered. Students should balance their workload according to the course requirements specified by each individual instructor.

Online Courses @ Tunxis Are NOT:

  • self-paced correspondence courses
  • easy
  • for everyone!

HYBR – The word Hybrid describes courses that combine face-to-face (on-campus), traditional classroom instruction with online learning. In hybrid courses, a portion of the course is conducted online resulting in the reduction of classroom seat-time. This method of delivery allows students flexibility with scheduling, while maintaining face-to-face contact with the instructor, which is typical of traditional courses.

LRON – Live/Remote Online Courses – LRON courses are fully online, but students will be required to sign in remotely and interact with their professor and/or classmates on some or all of the days and times noted in the myCommNet schedule. Students will participate in live online sessions through Blackboard Collaborate, MS Teams or WebEx, with specific information provided by individual faculty members.

OLCR – Online with Campus Requirement – Courses are online courses with a campus requirement. The campus requirement generally means that students are required to come to campus for an orientation session or to complete assessments (exams). On campus requirement dates are defined in advance of the registration process.

National Council fro State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements - Approved Institution
SARA ensures reciprocity between Tunxis and students who may be physically located outside of Connecticut.