Tunxis Green Initiatives Timeline


Solar panels installed on the 100-building using a loan through CT Green Bank saving Tunxis around 35% in electricity usage.


Buildings recommissioned, improving efficiency of all the buildings and saving the college $17,000-28,000 a year.

Faculty and staff start a sustainability committee.

Campus beautification project to add plantings and label them on school grounds.


Tunxis hosts a full week Earth Day event.

Tunxis begins ID swiping for any printing done in the faculty wing which massively reduces paper waste.

Tunxis begins participating in a demand smoothing program with Eversource to help balance the grid during peak usage times.

Students start a student sustainability club under the direction of Dr. Kirk Peters.

Cafeteria gets rid of styrofoam.


Four dual EV chargers, allowing us to charge 8 vehicles on campus.

Tunxis Theater department lead by Jan Mason staged a climate awareness play for youth.


The sustainability committee is exploring the ability to grow greens on campus for the food pantry as either microgreens or in a greenhouse.

The sustainability committee is conducting a greenhouse gas inventory to assess and monitor Tunxis’ carbon footprint.

Solar panels in construction on Spring Lane. Our new manufacturing center is being fitted with a roof, and Tunxis is taking the opportunity to add solar panels to reduce its carbon footprint and lower its energy costs.