Tunxis faculty and staff have updated our course offerings to reflect the safest and most effective way to deliver our quality educational opportunities. The different delivery methods currently noted on our course schedule include:

  1. TRAD (Traditional): Course held on campus at specific times.
  2. ONLN (Online): Course delivered online. Students are not expected to sign on at specific times, but assignments and exams have specific due dates. OLCR (Online with Classroom Component) may require on-campus orientation and/or exams; all other instruction will be online. OLCR on-campus dates are in the online course schedule.
  3. LRON (Live/Remote Online Courses): LRON courses are fully online, but students will be required to sign in remotely and interact with their professor and/or classmates on the days and times noted in the myCommNet schedule. Students will participate in live online sessions through Blackboard Collaborate, MS Teams or WebEx, with specific information provided by individual faculty members.
  4. HYBR (Hybrid): Course held both on-campus and online (a combination of 1&2 or 1&3). Individual faculty will determine how often the class will meet on campus and will communicate the on campus meeting schedule through Blackboard at the start of the class.

Synchronous teaching and learning happens in real time, on a certain day and time, in person in a classroom, or in a virtual environment like WebEx, Teams, or Blackboard Collaborate. Participants listen and respond to each other within the live, online meeting.

Asynchronous means you do not meet in person at the same time or in the same room/virtual meeting. You login to Blackboard or a publisher’s website to access content, and complete assigned activities or assessments at a time of your choosing. You will complete those activities according to the course syllabus schedule or posted due dates.

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