Tunxis was the Winner of the National Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s (MSF) Outstanding Community Sponsor Award!

Motorcycle Safety Registration Forms

All students must complete this. Includes adult waiver.

Under 18?

Persons under 18 must complete this minor waiver.

Welcome to the 2023 Motorcycle Rider Education season! 

Students taking the BRC or RRBRC are required to successfully complete an MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) online “e-course” within 30 days of the start of class. Registered students will be provided with a link to the course and will be able to register for the e-course at no extra charge.  The student will then need to show the classroom instructor proof of completion (a printout of the completion certificate or an email with the certificate must be provided).

Registration is a first come first serve basis. Choose 3 classes that fit your schedule. A confirmation will be sent to your email within 5 days of being received. Print on the registration CLEARLY and be sure your information matches what’s on your driver’s license.

Farmington Location Courses (Directions) (Spring 2023 Dates – Full)

+ Basic Rider Courses (BRC) - License waiver - Learn-to-ride class (Click for Schedule)

CLOSED – FULL BRC18 Thursday June 1. 6:00 – 9:00pm
Saturday June 3. 8:00am – 4pm
Sunday June 4.  8:00am – 4pm
CLOSED – FULL BRC19 Thursday June 1. 6:00 – 9:00pm
Saturday June 3. 8:00am – 4pm
Sunday June 4.  8:00am – 4pm
CLOSED – FULL BRC20 Monday June 5. 8am-4pm
Tuesday June 6. 8am-4pm
Wednesday  June 7.  8am-12pm 
CLOSED – FULL BRC21 Wednesday June 7. 8am-4pm
Thursday June 8. 8am-4pm
Friday June 9. 8am-12pm
CLOSED – FULL BRC22 Thursday June 8. 6pm-9pm
Saturday June 10. 8am-4pm
Sunday June 11. 8am-4pm
CLOSED – FULL BRC24 Friday June 9. 6pm-9pm
Saturday June 10. 1pm-7pm
Friday June 16. 6pm-9pm
Saturday June 17. 1pm-7pm
CLOSED – FULL BRC26 Monday June 12. 8am-4pm
Tuesday June 13. 8am-4pm
Wednesday  June 14. 8am-12pm 
CLOSED – FULL BRC30 Monday June 19. 8am-4pm
Tuesday June 20. 8am-4pm
Wednesday  June 21. 8am-12pm 
CLOSED – FULL BRC32 Thursday June 22. 6pm-9pm
Saturday June 24. 8am-4pm
Sunday June 25. 8am-4pm 
CLOSED – FULL BRC33 Thursday June 22. 6pm-9pm
Saturday June 24. 8am-4pm
Sunday June 25. 8am-4pm 
CLOSED – FULL BRC34 Monday June 26. 8am-4pm
Tuesday June 27. 8am-4pm
Wednesday  June 28. 8am-12pm 
CLOSED – FULL BRC35 Thursday July 6. 6pm-9pm
Saturday July 8. 8am-4pm
Sunday July 9. 8am-4pm
Open BRC36 Thursday July 6 6pm-9pm
Saturday July 8 8am-4pm
Sunday July 9 8am-4pm
CLOSED – FULL BRC39 Thursday July 13. 6pm-9pm
Saturday July 15. 8am-4pm
Sunday July 16. 8am-4pm 
CLOSED – FULL BRC40 Thursday July 13. 6pm-9pm
Saturday July 15. 8am-4pm
Sunday July 16. 8am-4pm
CLOSED – FULL BRC43 Thursday July 20. 6pm-9pm
Saturday July 22. 8am-4pm
Sunday July 23. 8am-4pm
Open BRC44 Friday July 21. 6pm-9pm
Saturday July 22. 1pm-7pm
Friday July 28. 6pm-9pm
Saturday July 29. 1pm-7pm
Open BRC45 Monday July 24. 8am-4pm
Tuesday July 25. 8am-4pm
Wednesday July 26. 8am-12pm
Open BRC47 Thursday July 27. 6pm-9pm
Saturday July 29. 8am-4pm
Sunday July 30. 8am-4pm
Open BRC48 Thursday August 3. 6pm-9pm
Saturday August 5. 8am-4pm
Sunday August 6. 8am-4pm
Open BRC50 Friday August 4. 6pm-9pm
Saturday August 5. 1pm-7pm
Friday August 11. 6pm-9pm
Saturday August 12. 1pm-7pm
Open BRC52 Thursday August 10. 6pm-9pm
Saturday August 12. 8am-4pm
Sunday August 13. 8am-4pm
Accurate at the time of printing 6/7/23
Fall Dates Available July 2023

+ Basic Rider Courses (BRC) - License waiver - Learn-to-ride class (Click for Schedule)

CLOSED – FULL BRC05X Saturday May 20. 8am-5pm
Sunday May 21. 8am-5pm
CLOSED – FULL BRC06X Saturday May 27. 8am-5pm
Sunday May 28. 8am-5pm
CLOSED – FULL BRC07X Wednesday May 31. 5pm-9pm
Saturday June 3. 8am-12pm
Sunday June 4. 8am-5pm
CLOSED – FULL BRC08X Tuesday June 6. 5pm-9pm
Sunday June 11. 8am-12pm
Sunday June 18. 8am-5pm
CLOSED – FULL BRC09X Saturday June 24. 8am-5pm
Sunday June 25. 8am-5pm
CLOSED – FULL BRC10X Saturday July 1. 8am-5pm
Sunday July 2. 8am-5pm
CLOSED – FULL BRC11X Wednesday July 5. 5pm-9pm
Saturday July 8. 8am-12pm
Saturday July 15. 8am-5pm
CLOSED – FULL BRC12X Thursday July 6. 5pm-9pm
Sunday July 9. 8am-12pm
Sunday July 16. 8am-5pm
CLOSED – FULL BRC13X Tuesday July 18. 5pm-9pm
Saturday July 22. 8am-2pm
Sunday July 23. 8am-4pm
CLOSED – FULL BRC14X Thursday July 27. 5pm-9pm
Saturday July 29. 8am-12pm
Saturday August 5. 8am-5pm
CLOSED – FULL BRC15X Sunday July 30. 8am-5pm
Sunday August 6. 8am-5pm
CLOSED – FULL BRC16X Saturday August 12. 8am-5pm
Sunday August 13. 8am-5pm
Accurate at the time of printing 6/8/23
Fall Dates Available July 2023

+ Experienced Rider Courses (ERC) - Practice class for licensed riders on their own motorcycle (Click for Schedule)

Courses Complete for the 2023 Season

+ Returning Rider Courses (RRBRC) - License waiver class for NON-beginners (Click for Schedule)

CLOSED – FULL RR08X Saturday  June 17. 9am-6pm
CLOSED – FULL RR09X Sunday  June 11. 9am-6pm
CLOSED – FULL RR10X Saturday  June 24. 9am-6pm
Open RR11X Saturday July 8. 9am-6pm
Open RR12X Sunday July 9. 9am-6pm
Open RR13X Saturday July 29. 9am-6pm
Open RR14X Sunday July 30. 9am-6pm

East Granby Location Courses

Military Base – Background Check Required

+Basic Rider Course (BRC) - License Waiver - Learn-to-ride class (Click for Schedule)

CLOSED – COURSE FULL BRC01G Saturday 15-Apr 8am-5pm
Sunday 16-Apr 8am-5pm
CLOSED – FULL BRC02G Saturday 13-May 8am-5pm
Sunday 14-May 8am-5pm
Accurate at the time of printing 3/10/2023 9:00am
Summer Classes Available 4/25/2023


CLOSED – FULL BRC03G Saturday 17-Jun 8am-5pm
Sunday 18-Jun 8am-5pm
CLOSED – FULL BRC04G Saturday 15-Jul 8am-4pm
Sunday 16-Jul 8am-4pm
Accurate at the time of printing 5/26/23
Fall Dates Available July 2023

It’s the Law!

Effective January 1st, 2011 all applicants for a new motorcycle license must successfully complete the CT Motorcycle Rider Education Program.

The basic course, which includes six hours of classroom instruction and twelve hours of on-cycle training, is designed to help individuals with little or no riding experience achieve a better understanding of what is involved in operating a motorcycle/scooter.  You must have a driver’s license or a motorcycle permit, and be physically able to operate a motorcycle/scooter. Motorcycles will be provided. Fee: $240 non-refundable

The Experienced Rider Course is a 5 to 6 hour parking lot course designed for riders who possess the basic skills to maneuver the motorcycle, and who are currently (actively) riding. This is not a license waiver class. There is no classroom instruction in the ERC. Participants should have completed a learn-to-ride course, such as the Basic Rider Course (BRC), and  must have a minimum of 6 months or 600 miles of riding experience.
Students must use their own registered, insured, and road-worthy motorcycle that passes a safety inspection at the start of class.

Fee: $120

This course is currently available at our Fairfield location!

The Returning Rider BRC is a one-day course for riders who have been riding for some time or who have been riding with a permit and wish to refresh their skills and/or earn a skill test license waiver. Goals include refining basic skills, increasing knowledge of risk management, and improving perception and situational awareness. You will use our training bikes in this class.

Participants must be 18 or older and must be able to:

  • Coordinate clutch lever and throttle use to control the motorcycle smoothly
  • Upshift and downshift smoothly
  • Stop the motorcycle properly at designated point
  • Negotiate typical roadway turns and curves

Fee: $150 non-refundable   Currently available at our Fairfield location!

Largest Program in Connecticut!

Locations in Farmington, Fairfield, and East Granby.

Motorcycling is one of the most exciting forms of transportation. Part of the thrill is knowing that you are totally responsible for every action taken—from timing each shift to keeping a keen eye out for other motorists. To understand these responsibilities and get the most from your experience, a Connecticut Motorcycle Rider course is the place to start. Expert instruction is offered to both the beginner and the experienced rider. Students must have the ability to balance and push a motorcycle and should have lots of enthusiasm.

Classes are offered April through October in cooperation with the state Department of Transportation’s Office of Highway Safety.


Please Email [email protected] with any questions!