Students: your College-issued email address is now the official electronic communication method between the College and you. It is critical that you frequently log in to check your inbox for official correspondence from the College, and learn to use Office 365 to respond.

The Community College standard for email/messaging is Microsoft Outlook.  Staff and students may access Outlook from home or anywhere else using the Outlook for Web Access site.  An introductory training guide on Outlook is available as part of the documentation materials.

What’s My Email Address?

You can find your email address in two places:

  • Log in to Office 365, click Search, then search on your last name.
  • Students, log in to, with your NetID and password. On the myCommNet screen look to the lower middle section with the heading “Access College Email” to locate your official email.


Forwarding Email

You should not set up automatic forwarding of email from Office 365 to your personal email. Auto-forwarding to external addresses has been changed as of October 2020. If you have a mailbox rule that forwards/redirects your CCC mail to an external address, you will receive “Undeliverable messages” until you disable or delete the rule. This only affects rules that forward/redirect emails to external addresses. You will still be able to manually forward messages to external addresses.

Office 365 Mobile

The Mobile Phone Setup Wizard on the Office 365 website will help you set up your device.

How to access your free Office 365 Software

Download and install Office 365 for free. Log in to you online Outlook account and select Install Office 365 from the apps menu. Visit for detailed information.

Disclaimer: Tunxis Community College does NOT recommend nor support students in forwarding email from their Office 365 accounts or synching this email with smartphones. There may be security risks associated with confidential information going to other public email systems or being downloaded to mobile devices (e.g. smartphones). Students make such changes at their own risk.

For more information and help with login, call the IT Help Desk at 860.773.1390 (x31390).