Reporting or Disclosing Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Dating or Intimate Partner Violence, or Stalking to Tunxis Community College

  1. Report Incident (Online Form)
  2. Meet with Title IX Coordinator and Victim Advocate
    Deputy Title IX Coordinator: Sydney Lake
    Student Advocate: Kelly Mann
    The College will provide information regarding contact information regarding professional assistance including campus resources, law enforcement, and local advocacy, counseling and mental health services. The College will also provide to those who report or disclose, the procedures to follow including filing a complaint via the College Code of Conduct.
    If the student who is a victim of college related sexual misconduct chooses to report an incident, Charles Cleary will interview respondent and witnesses.
    A summary report will be provided to the student before a final report is submitted to a Student Affairs Conduct Officer.
  3. Meet with a Student Affairs Conduct Officer
    Upon receipt of information, explanation of conduct process will be provided and questions will be answered. The Conduct Officer may impose immediate restrictions on the accused student.
  4. Conduct Officer Investigates
    Following investigation, the Conduct Officer will make a determination or within five (5) days the matter will be forwarded to a Hearing Panel. Based on the information presented to the Hearing Panel the respondent is either found “responsible” or “not responsible.”
  5. Sanctions Are Determined
    Both students are notified of investigations outcome via email and/or letter. Any sanction(s) is/are effective immediately.
  6. Request to Campus CEO for Review
    A request for review by the Campus CEO may be made within three (3) business days of receiving notice of determination.