What you can do with an Associates Degree in Business Administration

Here’s some great information from The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. The number of good jobs held by workers with no more than a high school diploma has declined by more than 1 million since 1991. In defining a good job, Georgetown chose $35,000 ($17 per hour for a full-time job) as the minimum earnings for those under age 45, and $45,000 ($22 per hour for a full-time job) for workers age 45 and older

Good jobs have shifted primarily to workers with Associate’s degrees, who have gained more than 3 million new jobs. In fact, the number of workers in good jobs with only a high school diploma has declined by 1 million since 1991. Among good jobs, employers favor those with Associate’s degrees or some college, with 3.2 million new good jobs going to Associate’s degree holders!

Types of jobs you can secure with an associate’s degree in business administration

Account Manager
Accounting Clerk
Advertising Consultant
Associate Brand Manager
Auditing Clerk
Brand Marketer
Business Analyst
Business Manager
Business Reporter
Communications Manager

Customer Service Representative
Development Coordinator
Digital Content Writer
E-commerce Manager
Financial Analyst
Financial Planning Managers
Financial Representative
Food Service Manager
Human Resources Specialist
Industrial Production Manager

Integrated Marketing Consultant
Investment Writer
Marketing Consultant
Marketing Coordinator
Merchandising Specialist
Product Development Manager
Property/Real Estate Manager
Research Analyst
Sales Manager
Sales Representative
Social Media Coordinator

Starting your business career

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